I am so entirely broken. I don’t have the strength to be anything else.

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IU’s response when asked what a relationship is to her.


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okay so there was this one time i went to walmart with a friend and someone just left their kid in the ball cage and it looked like walmart was selling children paired with a ball for five bucks

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The child actors in Harry Potter would do their actual schoolwork in the movie to make the school setting more real


Definitely math

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middle schoolers complaining about how stressful school is


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"We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be."

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the greatest scene in all of modern cinema

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Honestly, you are the last person I want to see pop up on my newsfeed.




Firstly, you have hurt me deeply by seemingly disregarding our friendship that goes beyond feelings and emotions. You acted on your own (or with poor advice) without thinking of the consequences. Our friendship was my first genuine one during my time in Buffalo and I treasure that more than any fleeting and temporal feelings and emotions.


Secondly, I received no closure from you pertaining to some specific event(s); it was all I ever wanted and to some extent, still is.


Lastly [and most unfortunately], my heart still sways, ever so slightly, when I see your face. Although your flaws are now more than clearly visible, you are still absolutely beautiful to me. It is only by God’s grace and power can I truly go through the arduous process of letting go and moving on.


Regardless of all this, I know you did not do anything out of evil intent nor did you mean to cause me any harm. I only wished things were done differently and that you were open to understanding how I felt and the consequences of your actions, were you to continue on with them. To me, you are still a dear friend and will always be; it makes the forgiveness part a bit easier too.


Deep down, it still hurts. But, I’m healing.